Healthier, more connected communities where everyone can enjoy the benefits of nature and swimming in a safe, accessible, and sustainable environment.


To improve the health and wellbeing of our communities by providing an affordable, clean, and naturally filtered swimming facility in Bingley, fostering mental and physical health, social cohesion, and a deep connection with nature.

We aim to set a benchmark in combining private and social investment to create self-sustaining social infrastructure that enhances community life for the long term.

Values and guiding principles


  • Open Communication: Maintain clear and honest communication
  • Accountability: Be open about decisions and performance
  • Ethical Practices: Adhere to high ethical standards
  • Environmental Responsibility: Minimize environmental impact
  • Sustainable Growth: Plan for long-term viability
  • Community Well-being: Prioritise community health and well-being
  • Creative Problem-Solving: Encourage innovative thinking
  • Continuous Improvement: Seek constant improvement
  • Technology Integration: Use technology to enhance services
  • Welcoming All: Ensure a welcoming environment for everyone
  • Accessibility: Remove barriers to participation
  • Cultural Sensitivity: Respect and integrate diverse cultural backgrounds
  • Partnerships: Build strong local partnerships
  • Team Spirit: Foster a culture of teamwork
  • Shared Vision: Include all voices in decision-making

Social Value Policy

We will create Yorkshire Swim Works in a way that maps to Government (TOM System) and UN Sustainable Development Goals, allowing us to measure and positively contribute towards: 

  • Work – Promoting Skills and Employment
  • Economy – Supporting the Growth of Responsible Regional Businesses
  • Community – Creating Healthier, Safer and More Resilient Communities
  • Planet – Protecting and Improving our Environment
  • Innovation – Promoting Social Innovation

We also aim to become a BCorp.

Aligning with National & Regional Strategies

VIEW – West Yorkshire Combined Authorities 2040 Vision

VIEW – Bradford Council Strategy 2020 – 2025

VIEW – Bingley Development Plan

VIEW – Swim England Access Aquatics 2023 – 2033