A new piece of social infrastructure that delivers decades of positive impact

Enormous health & wellbeing benefits

Swimming and outdoor swimming in particular are well documented to have an enormous positive impact on mental and physical health. Blue spaces have been shown to lower stress and anxiety, while boosting people’s mood and psychological wellbeing.

(Mechanisms of Impact of Blue Spaces on Human Health: A Systematic Literature Review and Meta-Analysis)

10,000 free swims 

Yorkshire Swim Works understands the importance of learning how to swim as a child, and we would encourage participation by offering free swims to primary school children every year, as well as free swims for those who cannot manage to pay.

Job creation

An initial surge of construction jobs will be followed by a range of 150+ jobs in a mixture of full time, part time and summer jobs created across the business as well as training opportunities throughout its decades of operation.

Improved biodiversity, chemical free water

By naturally filtering the water, and with sustainable ecological development, Yorkshire Swim Works aims to have a positive biodiverse net gain.

Economic boost

Expected to attract £5m in social and private investment, the project would see the creation of 20+ full time permanent jobs, 25+ part time permanent jobs and 100+ summer part time jobs. YSW CIC are predicting over 100,000 swims a year plus over 5,000 visitors to the area to stay in the attached lodges bringing tourist spend of over £2.45m. 

Sensitive & sustainable design

By working with RIBA certified architects and chartered specialists who underpin their practise with Sustainable Development Goals, the entire scheme will enhance and blend with the locality in an environmentally friendly manner. 

Future heritage

We are involved with Future Lidos and have consulted with sector professionals for the last 2 years in creating and understanding best practise to ensure the sustainable future of the 21st century wave of lido projects throughout the UK and Ireland.

Best practise and innovation will be delivered across the following themes, continuing to enhance the impact of Yorkshire Swim Works: business sustainability, environmental sustainability, design, community, heritage and advocacy.