10 things to do in less than 1 minute

  1. Follow us on socials – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and say hi!
  2. WhatsApp 3 friends about the exciting project and ask them all to do the same (congratulations you’re a hero).
  3. Email introduce us to somebody you think could help: hello@yorkshireswimworks.com
  4. Share Yorkshire Swim Works with a group you are part of and let us know the name of the group and any contact details.
  5. Email one of your local councillors your support (if you are in Bradford click here to find yours)
  6. Close your eyes and take 60 seconds to picture sitting there beside the water on a warm summer’s day – this one is just for you, 60 seconds of calm, we all deserve that at least once a day.
  7. Set a reminder on your phone to once a week take 60 seconds to think about Yorkshire Swim Works and how you might help.
  8. Tag a friend in one of our FB or Instagram posts – maybe send them a nice message too.
  9. Share our survey on your socials with a comment about why you think YSW will be amazing for the area (survey link: https://yorkshireswimworks.com/survey2024/).
  10. Post on our FB page three local businesses you think are doing amazing things (we love hearing about independent businesses doing good stuff.

Do you have 5 minutes

How about using them in a positive way?
What’s the time?
Take the final number of the time e.g. 15:42 would be 2. or 9.15 would be 5…
You got it?

Now do the action in the comments below that matches that number

  1. Complete the survey https://yorkshireswimworks.com/survey2024/
  2. Share the vision with your network in your own words – why it will be brilliant
  3. Email all of your local councillors (if you are in Bradford click here to find yours)
  4. Create a short video testimonial expressing your support for YSW – short straw alert!
  5. Reach out to an influencer on social media to tell them about the vision
  6. Let us know about a brand you think would be a good fit for sponsorship (the decision maker please!)
  7. Contact local businesses that you know who might be able to support Yorkshire Swim Works through their ESG program.
  8. Write personalised emails to your contacts introducing them to YSW and inviting them to get involved.
  9. Write down a memory that you have of time spent at Bingley St Ives. We would love to hear what makes the Estate special to you
  10. And if the minute is a 0 then please complete the survey (yup so important we put it in twice) https://yorkshireswimworks.com/survey2024/

Join the journey

Please let us know if you think your time, ideas or money can help to make Yorkshire Swim Works vision become a reality.