Yorkshire Swim Works aims to provide a unique experience for everyone

Focused on the health and wellbeing benefits by connecting people with nature and heritage

Swim, dip and play outdoors in chemical-free water, all year round

The repurposed Kettlewell Reservoir will provide around 2000m2 of swimming water, 

A natural swimming pool is made hygienic without the use of chemicals. Swimming water flows through biological filters before reaching a regeneration zone – where carefully selected aquatic plants and mineral gravel layers help to cleanse the water, providing a wonderful habitat for wildlife.



Better sleep

Natural increases in a hormone called prolactin in the body caused by swimming in open water may help to improve the quality of your sleep.

*Benefits (edited) as described by Swim England

Relax by the lake zone and grassy banks if swimming isn’t for you

Spend time by the pool, picnicking with friends or family, or simply sit outside and enjoy the wildlife in a serene environment.

Naturally filtered, the pool would feature 6 lanes of 50m for swimming and aqua classes and a large lake area for dipping, splashing, swimming and more

Enjoy the benefits of sauna 

Sauna bathing is possibly the world’s best kept secret to well-being and a healthy life. Regular use of private and public saunas for health, relaxation and socialising is commonplace in Finland, Scandinavia, Baltics, Russia, Central Europe and more.

~ The British Sauna Society 2022

Extend your visit to the region and stay at Yorkshire Swim Works 

Visitors can extend their visit to the region, connect with nature, swim to their hearts content, and take in the views of the wonderful surroundings. 

Yorkshire Swim Works aims to offer sustainable, thoughtfully designed eco-accommodation, with a café providing food and drink with locally sourced ingredients.

Combine learning with leisure 

Swimming is an essential life-saving skill, yet not all communities feel empowered or have the opportunity to learn to swim, or to take part regularly in swimming.

Yorkshire Swim Works will link with organisations like Swim England to develop learning programmes so that more people can benefit from and enjoy participating in outdoor swimming.

We will create learning opportunities for individuals, schools, colleges and communities around – natural pool technology, water filtration, heritage, sustainable development, nature & wildlife. 

Spend time on the St.Ives Estate

St Ives Park is the perfect destination for people who want to spend time in nature and explore the great outdoors. Spanning 217 hectares, this vast woodland park is the largest in the district. Visitors come from near and far to walk and cycle amongst the dense woodland and wildflower or sit back and enjoy the breath-taking views.