Imagine a unique outdoor swimming experience in Bradford or Calderdale

A vision for an accessible, safe, natural outdoor swimming destination for everyone

Yorkshire Swim Works will be a hub for local outdoor sports, focused around the UK’s first naturally filtered outdoor swimming complex. It will bring together swimmers, cyclists, runners, hikers, and everybody in between in a friendly community-led environment. An inspiring landmark for local people whilst attracting visitors from all over the world to stay, swim and explore our region.

The full experience

Open water swimming has had a surge in popularity in the UK over recent years and the benefits to physical and mental health have been well-documented.

Taking a dip outdoors boosts dopamine and serotonin levels and stimulates the release of feel-good endorphins.

It is important to be safe whilst swimming outdoors – but the choice of safe venues in West Yorkshire is limited.

Imagine swimming outdoors in chemical-free, naturally filtered water

The aim is to put nature, health and sustainability first. The vision is to provide a pool based on a biological filtration system, using carefully selected aquatic plants and minerals.

It is already happening for thousands of people around the world, who are enjoying this carefree healthy bathing experience, in public pools with biological chemical-free water treatment.

We would love to see this to happen in the UK, especially in West Yorkshire!

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