Please join these amazing people and organisations who support Yorkshire Swim Works and the vision for Kettlewell Reservoir in St.Ives, Bingley. 

With continued support, together we can make Yorkshire Swim Works a reality for all the right reasons:

  • to serve the community

  • to connect people with nature

  • to encourage participation in outdoor swimming

  • to offer a training and events venue for triathlon & sports

  • to boost the local economy and tourism

  • to preserve our cultural heritage

Kersten England Chair of City of Culture

It’s really exciting to see proposals to reopen Kettlewell Reservoir on Bingley’s St Ives Estate as an open air swimming and leisure facility come forward. We know how vital physical activity is for mental and physical health and well-being.

We know outdoor swimming is increasingly popular. And as Chair of the UK City of Culture in 2025 I hope this facility will be enjoyed by Bradford District’s families and communities in the coming years – a place to come together, to play together and to create stories and memories that last a lifetime.

Kersten England
Cllr Sarah Ferriby, Healthy People and Places Portfolio Holder Bradford Council

Outdoor swimming has become an increasingly popular activity over recent years but would-be swimmers suffer from a lack of facilities generally and in the district. Yorkshire Swim Works have brought forward an exciting proposal that would provide more people with an all year round, high quality, safe and accessible facility. The project would provide much needed new jobs and stimulate further interest and funding in the estate. The Council at this stage is committed in principle to working with Yorkshire Swim Works to deliver the project and its health and employment benefits

Deborah Aydon, Director - Future Lidos Group

Lidos are wonderfully inclusive, playful and joyous places where our communities can come together in all their glorious diversity. Yorkshire Swim Works will be a beautiful place for the combined communities of West Yorkshire to connect with nature, with this unique location, and with each other.

Michael Wood, Future Lidos Group + Tynemouth Outdoor Pool

Yorkshire Swim Works have worked in collaboration Bradford City Council on a shared ambition to find a site for the community to promote health, leisure and fun. Evidence consistently shows the existence of public demand for spaces to swim outdoors, and the wide social and economic value that these places can deliver. This is an exciting ambitious sustainable proposal that will create a welcoming destination for a diverse population to enjoy. This proposal is Bradford truly embracing City of Culture 2025 as a catalyst for positive change.

Rachel Ashe, Mental Health Swims

We are delighted to be official supporters of the Yorkshire Swim Works project. Just like Yorkshire Swim Works we believe in bringing people together for improved mental health. Outdoor swim locations are not always accessible by public transport and water quality has been a huge issue over the past few years.

We have had to cancel many of our peer support swims due to sewage problems and would love for there to be more venues like Yorkshire Swim Works with safe water, excellent transport routes and organisers who really care about their community.

By working together we can make outdoor swimming available to a wider range of people. Community hubs are essential to tackle loneliness and isolation faced by many individuals. 


Supporting Organisations