The mission to find a new home for Yorkshire Swim Works has begun!

As some of you may know, Yorkshire Swim Works was seeded in 2020. The ambition is to create a community hub of outdoor activity with the central focus of an open air natural swimming pool. Eco-lodges will provide financial sustainability, and there will be learning and wellness facilities for everyone.

The original site (the former Thornton Moor Water Treatment Works) was sadly sold at Auction in the summer of 2023, and we’re now looking for an even better location.

We’ve looked at some sites already, and are beginning to develop the brief: 


  • Scope to become a community focused hub of outdoor swimming and outdoor activity, learning and wellness
  • Scope for an eco-lodge retreat (this will be the financial thrust behind the facility) 
  • Approx size 5-7 acres
  • Located in Calderdale or Bradford District
  • Accessible by car, construction vehicle
  • Attractive to tourists – a lovely view for example, or has an existing usual feature
  • Not on a flood plain


  • On an existing public transport route, or scope to create one
  • On existing confluence of cycling & walking routes
  • Existing body of water (not essential)
  • Has industrial heritage – former quarry, mill site
  • Will promote biodiversity
  • Can be owned by the community
  • Budget – we were prepared to purchase the former Water Treatment Works for £160k, the financial modelling worked at this level.
  • Greenbelt?
  • Heritage status?
  • Negotiable access if across third party land

Council support is crucial

We are meeting with Bradford Council and Calderdale Council in October 2023 to explore:

  • their stance on sustainable development on greenbelt (we think some of the best potential sites will have this status)
  • continued support to make Yorkshire Swim Works happen for the benefit our combined communities
  • suitable Council owned assets that we could secure as a community

Please get involved

We’d love nothing more than to involve our wonderful community in helping to find a new site.

You all know your local area far better than we do, so please don yer thinking caps. Have you seen any opportunities? Would you like Yorkshire Swim Works located near you? Please continue to forward ideas.

If you think you bring practical and useful support during this stage of site identification and analysis, and would like to join our working group of two, or simply undertake some directed work, please contact us. 

P.S. Thanks as ever to the wonderful PlanIT Design Practise for their involvement and collation of these images

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