How it all started, and what stage is it at now?

From the seed of an idea

The Yorkshire Swim Works was conceived during a lockdown quest to find amazing + safe places to swim outdoors. 

Collaborative thinking

The idea was shared with a group of expansive thinkers, and has grown into a project with real potential.

Join the journey

Please let us know if you think your time, ideas or money can help to make the Yorkshire Swim Works vision become a reality. 

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Exploring the opportunity –
with thanks to Bradford Council

The Yorkshire Swim Works has sparked the imagination of Bradford Council, aligning with several key priorities in the Council Plan.
A research grant of £4500 has been awarded by Bradford Council so that we can explore the economic viability of The Yorkshire Swim Works. 
It’ll take 3 – 4 months to complete the research (May – August 2022).

We will answer the following questions:

Who will use the Yorkshire Swim Works?

We want to establish how many people will use The Yorkshire Swim Works; who these people are; what they will use it for; where they will come from.

To help us answer these questions and more, we have set up a survey to gather opinion from as many people as possible. 

Please take our 3 min survey
Is the location right?

There are many reasons why The Yorkshire Swim Works could work at former water treatment works. 

It’s crucial to fully understand if the site is fit-for-purpose, if people can get there easily, if there are any insurmountable tenure & planning restrictions, and how can it be developed in a sustainable way that integrates with nature. 

Why other successful projects are working

To demonstrate that The Yorkshire Swim Works can operate sustainably, we need to research successful projects that have similar facilities both in the UK and internationally.


Do the maths stack up?

By fully understanding the running costs and calculating how much revenue The Yorkshire Swim Works needs to generate will allow us to determine its financial sustainability.

What we plan to do next

Phase 2 Feasibility

We’re looking to raise enough money to appoint experts in the following areas to explore and develop a sustainable business model for the Yorkshire Swim Works in its entirety:
  • pre-planning applications
  • scheme development RIBA stages 0, 1, 2
  • pool design and consultancy
  • full business strategy
  • funding and investment strategy
  • community & stakeholder engagement
Can you help?

Attract investment & partnerships

Alongside Phase 2 Feasibility, we will be looking to attract funding and investment for the capital expenditure. Opportunities will be available for phased/partial development, or for the entire project.

Partnerships will also be key to The Yorkshire Swim Works to ensure its development is sustainable and happens for all the right reasons:

  • to serve the community
  • to connect people with nature
  • to encourage participation in outdoor swimming
  • to offer a training and events venue for triathlon
  • to boost the local economy and tourism
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