Partnerships, funding & investment will help to make this work


Partnerships are key to ensure Yorkshire Swim Works is developed in a sustainable manner for all the right reasons:

  • to serve the community
  • to connect people with nature
  • to encourage participation in outdoor swimming
  • to offer a training and events venue for triathlon & sports
  • to boost the local economy and tourism
  • to preserve our cultural heritage

Funding + Investment

We are currently looking to attract funding to support the search to find a site.

Beyond this, funding will be required to undertake full scheme development to take the project through Planning application into Bradford Council, commercial and community strategy development, advocacy and communication campaign.

Yorkshire Swim Works then needs to attract funding and investment for the capital expenditure. Opportunities will be available for phased/partial development, or for the entire project.

If anyone wishing to donate or invest their time, skills or money for scheme development or for the build itself, we’d be happy to discuss your interest.