High above Oxenhope, enjoy the stunning views from the Yorkshire Swim Works

A stunning rural location

We think the former water treatment works below Thornton Moor reservoir in Oxenhope could be perfectly re-imagined as The Yorkshire Swim Works.

We have outline permission to purchase this 7-acre site and are in discussion with the landowners regarding security of tenure and access.

Industrial heritage reimagined

We’d like to reimagine this piece of industrial heritage as a new and exciting cultural facility, that puts safe outdoor swimming at the heart of the combined communities of West Yorkshire.

The site is at the intersection of The Pennine Way, The Bronte Way, The Millennium Way and the Calder Aire Link. Cyclists and hikers, residents and tourists are already enjoying this unique and beautiful natural place. 

Destination Yorkshire

The Yorkshire Swim Works aims to become one of the first naturally filtered public swimming pools in the UK, integrating nature, sport and wellbeing in a facility that is more common in Scandinavia and Europe.
We aim to become a national treasure in the heart of Yorkshire, meeting criteria as set out in the Bradford Council Plan for Better Health, Better Lives + Safe, Strong and Active Communities.

The Yorkshire Swim Works would bring a new dimension to an established network, encouraging people to connect sport, swimming, nature, wildlife and cultural heritage in a whole new way. 

~ Caroline Kindy