It’s nearly there

Almost 2 years to the day that we announced the Thornton Moor site for Yorkshire Swim Works, I can’t tell you how excited I am to announce a new site in just a few days time. And this time, it feels so much more realistic and just as magical.

We’re within touching distance of being able to tell the public where the proposed new site for Yorkshire Swim Works will be. Even more exciting for everybody who volunteers at Yorkshire Swim Works is that we will then be able to hear from you, our community. We will be able to hear your ideas, your concerns, your hopes and we will then channel all of this incredibly valuable information into the next phase.

Over the last nearly nine months, we’ve evaluated a number of sites and we can safely say that this one’s hands down the leader of the pack. It met all our expectations for accessibility (public transport routes etc), potential for regenerative impact, repurposing industrial heritage, beautiful location, impact on diverse communities and so many more.

We’ve had such incredible support from people giving up their time in specialisms such as ground engineering, water infrastructure engineering, travel and access strategy, landscape and architecture, fundraising and commercial strategy, community & stakeholder engagement, and natural pool filtration and construction. It has been a whirlwind of learning and we are so very lucky to have such a great network of supporters. We are always on the lookout for more, so if you want to get involved do reach out.

And now is the time where we really do need your help. Whether it is sharing and liking our FB posts, answering the survey (yup out on Friday), or any other way that you can think of (and we have our own list that will be published on Friday) to support us, we need it all. Proving that the community wants Yorkshire Swim Works will be enormously helpful as we approach planning and funding.

So bear with us just two more days and all will be revealed. And then it’s your turn to do something magical and help spread the word about Yorkshire Swim Works through your networks near, far and wide!

Caroline Kindy
Founder + CIC Director
Yorkshire Swim Works


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